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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year’s Trans-solutions

This time, I’ve tossed New Year’s Resolutions out the window. Instead, I’m going to make New Year's Trans-solutions. Why? Because the usual resolutions, the usual solutions, just aren’t going to work in 2011. Our present time is defined by a multitude of changes and high stakes.

What’s called for? Transformation on all levels. These last two years have brought extensive and prolonged deconstruction. All around us, previously established structures are falling, and the ones that haven’t yet are ready to topple.

This isn’t just about letting go and moving on; this is about carefully rummaging through the rubble and recycling what we can in new and innovative ways. What is called for is restructuring. This requires creative solutions. Personally, resolutions don’t feel appropriate. They sound too permanent, unyielding, conservative, and conventional to be useful. They don’t feel appropriate on a global level, either.

Qualities that do feel appropriate, both personally and globally, are transmutation and transformation—so how about trans-solutions?

Definition? Solutions that are relevant, flexible, creative, transitional, and transformative. Solutions that can grow with us. Solutions that are, by their very nature, unconventional.

Wow! Do you feel the difference? When I hear the word resolution my gut and chest tighten. This word constricts. Perhaps this is because most New Year’s resolutions fail. In contrast, the (albeit, made-up) word trans-solution, carries expansive energy. Trans-solutions, by definition, cannot fail, because, in times of great change, they are essential to our survival. What trans-solutions lay in your 2011 path?

Let us know. I’m off to contemplate mine.

*Would you like to hear more about trans-solutions, resolutions and transformation in 2011?
I was Melanie DewBerry Jones' guest on her radio show, Everyday Spirituality, "Resolute THIS!" on Monday January 3, 2010 4pm PST. You may listen to part of it here.


  1. How interesting. Now that you mention it, When I hear or say the word resolutions I feel the same tightening.. mine is in my lower belly. I feel as if Im being judged before I begin. Wow. I like your idea much better.

  2. I like your made up word transolutions. I also don't mind resolution, because I think of it as a re-solution vs a solution. A re-solution would be similar to a transolution, but that's my training and is not connected with our usual New Year's context.

    We are in for complete restructuring, as you indicate. That's what's happening with all of our current structures. They can't hold the coming consciousness leap. The great challenge is to create the new structure while in the midst of the shift.

    So, I love your definition: "solutions that are relevant, flexible, creative, transitional, and transformative. Solutions that can grow with us. Solutions that are, by their very nature, unconventional."

    Being mindful of course that we are being unconventional in service of the new "conventional" rather than simply in resistance to the current conventional.

    And now I'll stop and untwist my tongue :)

    thanks Rebecca!

  3. Yes, what she said! (So glad you said it for me, Kathy. Thanks!) Reminds me of what we spoke of earlier today (re: unconventional in service of the new "conventional") We're not throwing the baby out with the bath water here; rather, we're restructuring using the essential building blocks that have been around for a very long time.

  4. Nice word.

    This makes me think of doing my dharma: walking my path and doing the next right thing. I can't single-handedly stop global climate change, but what's the next right thing I can do when using energy? I can't rescue the young homeless woman who worked with me on a project this summer and then vanished onto the streets again, but what's the next right thing I can do to help another young person? I can't be sure I'll finish my novel in 2011, but is at least one thing on tomorrow's schedule in service to that?

    Oh, and I haven't yet stopped saying "y'know" during interviews, but I'm increasing my awareness, talking more slowly, and thinking more carefully about what I say. And that small shift can lead to so many other positive changes... y'know?

  5. Yes, Cara, I know! You described this so well. Thank you. One of my trans-solutions is "Choose each day." To me it means literally "Choose each day" and also re-choose choices each day, because, as you described, our choices change each moment in response to our ever-changing world.

  6. Just saw your comment, Amy. Yes, belly too - power center. Bye bye, judgement! Thanks for your thoughts and your beautiful posts for 2011 -